Hot Rolled IS 2062 E350C Structural Steel: Specification, Properties, Distributers, And Price

Hot Rolled IS 2062 E350C Structural Steel: Specification, Properties, Distributers, And Price


SSSMGroup the Legacy of trust. A trust of good quality steel sheets and on time delivery within all states of India. we are authorised dealer for all national industries for all steel grades of Hot rolled. we are one of the top steel sheet districubers in delhi NCR, Faridabad. we are serving steel sheets to various industies in India like. Automotive, Railways, Yellow Goods, Agriculture, Fabrication etc.

Hot rolld coils and sheets have been the backbone of the infrastructure and manufacturing sector. We are distributing steel sheet of different grades for last more then 15 years and have supplied thousands of Tons steel in various industries, including private and goverment sector. we have good capacity of stocking steel sheet and coils of almost 5000 tons all time ready. we always try to supplie the apropriate steel grade to our customers with good quality and on time delivery.

Our vision is to be the National Steel Industry Distributor bechmark with the innovative approch & overall conduct. our supplies of steel sheet and coil is in variour thickness and width combination. we support our customers to recommend the correct grade and usage. we also support for customer engagemtn and knoledge sharing programs. Our steel suppling turnover for one year is almost 40,000 Ton.

What is E350c grade steel?


This is The India standard steel grade, So the plates have good ductility, high mechanical strength, high tensile strength and shows high toughness and hardness at very low temperatures. E350C Structural Steel Grade Of Hot Rolled IS 2062 Steel Plates has high quality features like durability, dimensional accuracy, long functional life, good workability, formability, easy to fabricate, reliability and many more.

This steel grade has an excellent property such as resistance to chloride stress cracking corrosion, resistance to oxidation and corrosion, resistance to crevice and pitting, resistance to erosion. This steel grade resists to many acid attacks like sulfide, nitric, chloride in elevated temperature and not affected very easily by environmental rust. This is India standard steel grade can works good at the high temperature and pressure and show high resisting property with good hardness and toughness.

Is 2062 e350c plate’s resistant power is greater then ordinary general and local corrosion is higher than conventional grades. It has resistance to atmospheric corrosion. These are good for fabrication, formation, weldable, and machinical job. For application like chloride , halide containing and hoists temperatures these plates are very sutable. It is ductile and can be modified in any shapes. It’s strenght is higher creep, tensile and stress to rupture.

Any standard welding process can be used for it. It is fabricated in both hot and cold process for the current machines. The plates are cold worked and retains mechanical strength due to structure magnetic and It can maintain a clean surface. We at SSSMGroup, further make sure that product delivers by us goes through various test and certainty analysis and to achieve maximum quality, we personally make sure fabricate plates goes through various standard criteria. We checks properties, flaws of the crude materials. We ensure compliance of national and international standards.

The plates are available in different types, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, specifications, forms, finishes, dimensions, diameters, etc. The plates are available in different types like hot and cold rolled plates, polished plates, etc. India standard 2062 grade E350C is used in manufacture the plates and because of this grades the specific property increases.

The Variour Usages of Hot Rolled IS 2062 E350c Structural Steel Plates

power generation pharmaceutical company chemical industry petrochemical industry oil and gas industry pulp and paper industry boiler equipment applications surgical equipment applications food process gas process seawater applications marine applications aircraft spacecraft applications

IS 2062 E350C Steel Grade equivalent?

Equivalent Specification Grade
IS 2062 E350C


Grade C Mn S P Si
IS 2062 E 350c 0.20 1.50 0.045 0.045 0.45


Grade Yield strength N/mm2 Tensile strength N/mm2 Elongation (%)
<20mm 20mm-40mm >40mm
IS 2062 E350c 350c 330 320 490 22

The Specifications of IS 2062 E350C Steel

Item Thickness Width Length
Hot Rolled Medium and High Tensile Structural Steel Hot Rolled Medium and High Tensile Structural Steel – IS 2062 E350c 5mm-150mm 1000mm-4500mm 3000mm-18000mm

Other Important Information / Knowledge

As we are one of the leading exporters, traders, wholesalers of this Steel among others in India. We are playing an extremely Significant role among legendary Distributors of this Grade Steel Plates in India for the last many years. The steel plates we supply in various industries are efficient, safe, durable, cost effective. We provide these steel plates in various industries like Petrochemical Industries, Fertilizers Industries, Nuclear Industries.

With our experience of years we can manage and deliver quality steel at an affordable, best in industry price Here, As per requirment of clients, we always have steel stocks in different design, size and shapes. The steel plates we sell, are of all National and International Standreds, and delivers to all our National and International clients as per their specifications We have steel stocks with the following specifications, dimensions, shape, surface finish, end finish, size, and various others.

As we know, for almost every Industrial Application, steel is always a key element. So we can not deny the importance of deep knowledge of steel grades and their chemical and mechanical properties this Steel Grade plates are very popular and important steel in various Industry Applications and in all national and internation market. Many of steel plates are well recongnized for their specific alloy properties, because alloy property helps steel to be constant in any temprature, and if this propery is not in good ratio in the steel plates then the application will be work good any more This plates has exelent mechanical and chemical properties for many specific importance in multiple Industry applications, and because of this it is always in demand in national and internation industries.

Plate Size available Ex-Stock of SA516 Grade 70 Steel Grade

1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 32mm 36mm 40mm 45mm 50mm 63mm 70mm 72mm 75mm 80mm 90mm 100mm 110mm 130mm 150mm 170mm 180mm 200mm 230mm 270mm 300mm

Makes/Brands Available: SAIL, TATA, JSW, JSPL, ESSAR, POSCO, UTTAM

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