S960 High Strength Steel Plates

S960 High Strength Steel Plates

SSSM Group is a supplier and stockist of S960 Structural Steel Plates, supplied to multi-faceted businesses, having outstanding quality, great resistance to mechanical stresses and tolerates high-temperature fluctuations in corrosive areas.

AFNOR E960T Plates, S700MC 960 High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plates, ALFORM 960 Structural Steel Plate, EN 10025-6 S960Q Dealer, Supplier in India.

DILLIMAX 965T Plates Stockholder, S960 Plates Distributor, S960 Sheets Stockist in Mumbai, India, DILLIMAX 965T High Strength Structural Steel Sheets Exporter.

What is S960QL Structural Steel Plates ?

An ALFORM 960 Structural Steel Plate is a quenched and tempered steel plate heated and cooled rapidly to produce rock-hard plate surfaces. Possessing minimum yield strength of 960 Mpa, ISO4952 E960 structural steel plates command excellent abrasion resistant qualities. Compliant with the European standard EN 10025:6:2004, these adaptable steel plates stand for :

S = Structural Steel
960 = minimum yield strength
Q = quenched and tempered
L = Low notch toughness testing temperature

S960 Structural Steel Plate Specification :

Thickness : 3/16” (5mm) to 4” (100mm)
Width : 1500 – 3500mm
Length : 3000 – 18000mm
Grade : S960Q S960QL, DILLIMAX 965T, DILLIMAX 965, E960T E960T-11 S960T, S960Q S960QL, S700MC 960, JFE HYD 960LE, ALFORM 960

Properties of S960QL Structural Steel Plate

  • Equivalent CET(CEV)
  • Mechanical Properties
Equivalent CET(CEV)
S700MC 960 JFE HYD 960LE ALFORM 960
 C  Si  Mn  P  S  B  Cr  Cu  Mo
 0.20  0.80  1.70  0.020  0.010 0.005  1.50  0.50 0.70
 N  Nb*  Ni  Ti*  V*  Zr*
 0.015  0.06  2.0  0.05 0.12  0.15
Mechanical Properties
Plate Thickness Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation Impact Strength
mm ReH (MPa)  Rm (MPa) A5 % minimum  J, Minimum
3 to 50 960 980 – 1150 10 30 @ -40º C
> 50 to 100 910 920 – 1000 10 30 @ -40º C
> 100 to 150 860 870 – 980 10 30 @ -40º C

We are distributors of EN 10025-6 S960Q High Strength Steel Plates that are remarkably versatile and offer the following advantages :

1. Shorter delivery times

Since they are made by the quenched and tempered process, our TStE960V High Strength Quenched and Tempered Steel Plates tend to have compact grain sizes, leading to lighter yet stronger plates. Such plates, when used to make heavy containers, promote lighter self-weight but an increased productivity in matters of delivery times, making shorter, quicker ferries, leading to saving of fuel and money.

2. Reduced down-time for maintenance

Our EN 10025-6 S960QL High Tensile structural Steel plates endow machines and assemblies with hardened bodies, tolerating massive amounts of abrasions due to constant machining. They are fashioned in a way to suit fierce blows yet facilitate smooth functioning, thereby reducing down time.

3. Durable service life

Their bull like vigour, uniform, hardened bodies and workability helps DILLIMAX 965T High Strength Structural Steel Plates to be durable to last long, irrespective corrosion and weather changes. Their superbly malleable surfaces allow easy replacement in case of damages, making them dependable.

4. Safe and resistant

Our AFNOR E960T-11 Abrasion resistant structural Steel plates are safe to use, providing sufficient resistance to any form of abrasion. They just do not wither away under high or low temperatures and are more resistant to acidic fluids. Also, they are less susceptible to fire and pest infestation

5. Enhanced construction quality

Our NF A36-204 S960T High Yield Steel Plates are furnished with special coatings and a polished finish, less prone to corrosive elements. Besides, using these structural steel plates for your foundation will cost less, as they are light weight. They do not age or decay, thereby improving the construction quality


Grade Sample Orientation @ 0°C @-20°C @-40°C @-60°C
S960 QL Longitudinal 50 J 40 J 30 J ––
Traverse 35 J 30 J 27 J ––

Application of our S960QL Structural Steel Plates

•   Aerospace, ship building and automobile industries are primary users of S700MC 960 High Strength Low Alloy steel plates, instrumental in constructing light weight, leaner, and efficient, heavy duty customised air and motor components.

•   We are exporters of AFNOR E960T High Yield Structural Steel Plates that have primed surfaces that allow free flow of media, fight corrosion and are very precious in combustible workplaces like Oil & Gas, fertilizer, nuclear power plant and chemical industries.

•   Cranes, high-rise buildings, sports stadiums, railway and metro stations and bridges are built using DILLIMAX 965 High Strength fine grain Steel plates, capable of holding together such towering and suspended structures with great poise.

S960 Structural Steel Plate We Supply Globally :

We Supply Our S960 Structural Steel Plates to various countries like Poland, Belarus, United States, Greece, Pakistan, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Peru, Philippines, Netherlands, South Africa, Iran, Spain, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Slovakia, Portugal, Nepal, Algeria, Canada, Bolivia, Angola, Kazakhstan, Chile, United Kingdom, Yemen, Mexico, Bangladesh, Kenya, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Australia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, India, Sweden, Nigeria, Singapore, Argentina, Tibet, Venezuela, Romania, Germany, Ireland, France, Mexico, Italy, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Norway, Belgium, Jordan, Ukraine, Kuwait, New Zealand, Macau, Turkey, Mongolia, Japan, Colombia, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Namibia, Ecuador, Ghana, Estonia, Iran, Bhutan, Egypt, Taiwan, Oman, Gambia, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Chile, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Thailand, Serbia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Gabon, South Korea, Hungary, Russia, China, Croatia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Lebanon.

SSSM Group Also Distribute Other Types of S960 Structural Steel Plate Namely :

S960 Structural Steel Plates, ALFORM 960 Structural Steel Plate, Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate, ISO4952 E960 Structural Steel Plates, EN 10025-6 S960Q High Strength Steel Plates, TStE960V High Strength Quenched and Tempered Steel Plates, TStE960V High Strength Quenched and Tempered Steel Plates, DILLIMAX 965T High Strength Structural Steel Plates, DILLIMAX 965T High Strength Structural Steel Plates, AFNOR E960T-11 Abrasion Resistant Structural Steel Plates, NF A36-204 S960T High Yield Steel Plates, S700MC 960 High Strength Low Alloy steel plates, AFNOR E960T Plates, DILLIMAX 965 High Strength fine grain Steel Plates.

S960 Structural Steel Plate We Supply Worldwide :

We Supply Our S960 Structural Steel Plates to various cities like Al Khobar, Caracas, Algiers, Tehran, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Petaling Jaya, Santiago, Abu Dhabi, Montreal, Calgary, Port-of-Spain, Gimhae-si, Courbevoie, Nashik, Dubai, Jamshedpur, Geoje-si, Rajkot, Muscat, Bogota, Dallas, Atyrau, Madrid, Ernakulam, Istanbul, Melbourne, Hyderabad, Perth, Edmonton, Haryana, Mexico City, Faridabad, Howrah, Kuwait City, Jeddah, Sydney, Bhopal, Thiruvananthapuram, Ranchi, Indore, Gurgaon, New York, Thane, Granada, Ludhiana, Cairo, Jaipur, Secunderabad, London, Kanpur, Colombo, Lahore, Hong Kong, Chandigarh, Seoul, Houston, New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Manama, Lagos, Karachi, Baroda, Visakhapatnam, Pune, La Victoria, Moscow, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Kuala Lumpur, Ahvaz, Kolkata, Vung Tau, Busan, Al Jubail, Navi Mumbai, Ankara, Sharjah, Riyadh, Toronto, Bengaluru, Los Angeles, Noida, Chiyoda, Doha, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Jakarta, Milan, Ulsan, Vadodara, Brisbane, Hanoi, Dammam, Chennai, Aberdeen, Surat, Ahmedabad.

Application Of Steel Plates Industries

Petrochemical Industries

Marine Industries

Food Processing Industries

Oil & Gas Industries

Packing Of Steel Plates Materials

Plate Size available Ex-Stock of SAILMA 550HI, SAILMA E550, IS 2062 E550

1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 32mm 36mm 40mm 45mm 50mm 63mm 70mm 72mm 75mm 80mm 90mm 100mm 110mm 130mm 150mm 170mm 180mm 200mm 230mm 270mm 300mm

Makes/Brands Available: SAIL, TATA, JSW, JSPL, Essar, POSCO, Uttam

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